WordPress developers with a lot of experience and talent at your disposal to help you build feature-rich web apps.

Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer & Programmers

Since the beginning, we’ve specialised in WordPress development. Our WordPress staff has a diverse set of skills that can handle everything from theme implementation and plugin maintenance to fully customised designs and unrestricted support. Whatever your requirements are, our WordPress developers are here to help.

Expertise of Our WordPress Developers

Design & Development of a WordPress Website or blog

WordPress Troubleshooting WordPress CMS Development

Installing and configuring WordPress

Backup and Restore for WordPress

WordPress Support and Server Setup

WordPress Migration Services

Email templates & Payment Integration

Custom WordPress theme development

WordPress module installation and system design

Plugin Development for WordPress

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

WordPress e-Commerce Development

What Are the Benefits of Hiring WordPress Developers?


Expertise & Experience

We involve you in the WordPress development process from start to finish, provide regular updates, and solicit your feedback.

Coding of high quality

Our custom WordPress developers provide well-coded, dependable, and secure themes and plugins.

There are no issues with time zones.

Do you have concerns about being in a different time zone? Don’t be too sure. In order to ensure a smooth workflow, Indian WordPress developers can work on your project according to your country’s time zone.

Technical Assistance

We assume full responsibility for your WordPress website by offering continuing maintenance and support, whether it’s bug fixes, feature additions, or the next phase of development, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pricing and Packages for Dedicated WordPress Developers


2 Hours Daily
$495 / month

Who is it targeted for?

You require modest as well as large amounts of assistance across the month, not all day.

Unlimited Task.

New website development.

Landing page development.

20 to 40 hours Time Is taken for Turnaround


4 Hours Daily
$995 / month

Who is it targeted for?

Throughout the period, you will require minor or large amounts of assistance.

Unlimited Task.

New website development.

Landing page development.

20 to 40 hours Time Is taken for Turnaround

Why Should You Hire theingenioushub’s WordPress Developers?

We train our WordPress developers with WordPress application development expertise to perfectly match any business needs as an industry leader. Because of our specialists’ cutting-edge app development talents, our WordPress development services are in high demand in the business. There are a variety of other advantages to hire our WordPress programmers.

Reports Of Progress On A Daily Basis

As your WordPress developer(s) continues to work on the project, Our team will keep you regarding the progress. To ensure that you are kept up to date on a regular basis, daily progress reports are generated and distributed to all clients for evaluation, especially in projects needing long-term collaboration.

Uncomplicated Advice

Before and during the development process, our WordPress developers provide honest recommendations. Our team is up to date on the most recent WordPress developments and trends.

On-time delivery

Each project is completed on schedule by our team of professional WordPress programmers, who use proven approaches and a results-oriented approach.

Solutions that are unique

Through our experienced top WordPress experts with creative thinking, we give user-friendly and appealing solutions to bring your imagination to life.

20+ Years of Knowledge

Our WordPress developers have extensive experience and mastery in all aspects of WordPress development administrations and services.

Communication flexible

We update you on the status of your project on a regular basis via Skype, email, and phone calls to keep communication current and transparent.

Are You Ready to Start Working On Your Ideal Project? We have Put Together a Team Get You There.

Easy Steps To Hire Dedicated WordPress Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for me to see the WordPress design before it is built?

Definitely! You will be able to see it. Mock-ups are created so that you may see how your website will look and function. We give it to you for approval once we've finished producing rough illustrations.

What does a WordPress developer do?

WordPress developers use the WordPress creation tool to design and implement websites for businesses. They are in charge of both front-end and back-end development, as well as theme and plugin installation. Their mission is to design appealing and user-friendly websites that meet the needs of their clients.

What abilities does a WordPress developer require?

Web development and design programming skills for WordPress are absolutely necessary. JavaScript. The interactive aspects of a website are controlled by JavaScript, SQL, PHP, WordPress platform, Sales and marketing, Mobile development, Search engine optimization, Etc..

Is it possible to get custom themes and plug-ins from you?

Yes, this is a service that we provide. In fact, we've built massive custom plugins and themes to our clients' exact needs. Our WordPress professionals will design appealing layouts and functionality that will draw users in.

How long does it take to create a completely new website?

Quality work is important to everyone at theingenioushub. A good and powerful website takes at least one to two weeks to construct. This timeframe may need to be changed significantly depending on your individual requirements and the type of your firm.

What are the different types of WordPress development services you provide?

Theingenioushub offers a variety of WordPress development services that are appropriate for a variety of industries and organizations. We provide full website development services, including configuration and installation. Third-party integrations, upgrades, customizations, CMS development, plugin development, and a WooCommerce store are just a few of the services our developers can provide.